#Make_It_Hapin: Casual Camo

This week’s client request spotlight is a casual camo fit. We received this inspiration photo and within 48 hours our personal shoppers were able to recreate the ensemble. Here’s an inside look at how we fulfill our client requests!

Casual Camo with black v-neck

First, let’s talk about this extremely versatile black v-neck top. You need this top in your closet because it can be worn with just about anything. A simple black v-neck can make for a trendy casual look or it can complete your upscale ensemble. It will look good on any body type. The deeper the V the more elongated your silhouette will be. And look at these pants! They’re simple yet brilliant. Camo print looks amazing with white, black, and other neutral colors. And that’s the exact color palette that this outfit consists of!

Casual everyday shoes will look the most fashionable with camo pants. This is why these black Nike Roshes are the supreme shoe choice for this outfit. Lastly, to pull together the ultimate camo color scheme we have this ivory handbag. It is the final simple splash of light color needed to finish this look!

No matter who you are you’ll look hip in this casual fit. You can run errands, or go out to lunch in this getup and everyone will wish they had your fashion sense!

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