#Make_It_Hapin: Get This Kate The Great Look

We wouldn’t be able to call ourselves fashion bloggers if we didn’t highlight the great Kate Moss. With over 30 years in the fashion game, hundreds of magazine covers, modeling, editing, and campaigning Kate Moss is nearly synonymous with fashion. She truly is a fashion icon and like a fine wine, she just gets better with age! At 45 she’s beyond relevant. Moss is involved in Saint Laurent campaigns, walking for Louis Vuitton, owning a modeling agency, and editing British Vogue. Just this year she edited Museo de la Moda: Musings on Fashion & Style. The book was published in efforts to bring the experience of one of the most important private fashion museums, Museo de la Moda, to the public. Kate Moss arranged the collection into trends that have influenced her personal style. She loves collecting vintage clothing and we love her. We are excited to present to you a way to recreate the style of this inspiring world-renowned star!

Kate Moss Style

It comes at no surprise that Moss looks astonishing in this ensemble. The look is vintage and unique. It is a chic cross between ‘flapper’ and ‘circus’ inspired styles. The seamless transition of stripes from top to bottom makes for a comprehensive look. The Great Kate wore this outfit to the HENI Gallery in London for an Adidas event. Here’s a taste of her mind-blowing fashion sense.

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First, we have a sexy black button-up. Paired with a black cami it’ll be risky yet classy. In a true Kate Moss fashion, be sure to only button it halfway. Feeling edgy? Slip the button up over a foxy bralette.

Here is the stripe pant you need! We love the tan and black combo. These colors are way more sophisticated and funky than the average black and white composition. You’ll look long and lean as you make a bold statement.

The perfect bag and shoes are the last items needed to make this look Vogue worthy. These items give the ensemble an essential swanky touch. The gold chain will complement the stripe pant. Tuck those wide-legged pants into these fold-over booties to get a tapered look. This will allow the pants to hug your body in all the right places. Croc in hand and on foot will make for a balanced fit!

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