#Make_It_Hapin: Look Stunning like Beyonce

Beyonce, aka the Queen B, really knows how to put on an amazing performance on stage from her music to her costumes. Her unique style is not easy to pull off. But when our personal shoppers found this look they just HAD to try. And, lo and behold, it is possible to recreate a stunning Beyonce look. We’ve got the skinny on how to #make_it_hapin below.

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Everything about this look is impeccable. The white blazer and tank, the leather shorts, the black hat, and the aquamarine heels. It’s a rocker chic look with a pop of color.

Starting from the top, a short-brimmed boater hat like this one is a great accessory for transitioning from Spring to Summer. These black round frame sunglasses go perfectly with the hat.

We love that Beyonce went with a white blazer and white tank top to go with her mini leather shorts. A linen blazer is a great layering option for Spring to Summer weather changes.

OK, so leather mini shorts like hers can be hard to find, but we did find a pair of faux leather shorts that look very similar to the ones Beyonce is wearing.

Those shoes, though! We absolutely adore the aquamarine color. It brings the perfect pop of color and looks amazing with the black-and-white theme of the rest of her outfit.

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