How We Helped Our Client #Make_It_Hapin: Blue Overall Shorts & Olive Tee.

We LOVE helping our clients make their fashion dreams come true! Our client noticed this outfit while she was browsing online and so she submitted it to us! Within 24 hours, her personal shopper showed her items to match so she could add this ensemble to her closet. We’re showcasing the items our shoppers found so you can get the look for yourself and so you can see what we can to for your wardrobe

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navy blue overall shorts with olive tee shirt

Our client is a huge fan of boho earthy tones, and this look is perfect for that! We were able to track down a fabulous navy blue overall shorts as well as a great olive green t-shirt! Our client didn’t need the necklace, but we felt ambitious so we decided to throw it into the mix in case any of you were on the hunt for an amber necklace!

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